Maria - London - 11 month old girl

Before we started sleep training with Vicky it had been a tough, sleepless first year. If I got 3 hours sleep in a row at night it was a treat and it was rare! Vicky’s programme was informative and clear. I liked that it involved both me and my partner (encouraging them to lead more which was a wonderful break!) Vicky was very supportive throughout and her approach felt like dealing with a skilled friend.We now put little one down for sleeps with no tears - which is so lovely, she sleeps through the night which is great for her and us as it’s been fantastic to get a full night’s sleep again. Grandparents have also been very impressed on the benefits of the programme on both Sophia and us as parents. Thank you Vicky, I wish we hadn’t waited so long!!

Ruth - Cardiff - 10 months twins

Before contacting Vicky my partner and I were walking around like living zombies surviving on 3 -5 hours sleep a night with our 10 month old twins Ava and Joseph waking at least two to three times each a night. Ava would sleep with me and in the early hours of the morning I would take Joseph in with my partner to try and get a bit of sleep. Our life now has transformed, our twins are having two naps a day in their cots, a short nap in the morning and a longer early afternoon nap as well as sleeping 11 - 12 hours at night! Before starting the sleep training I didn't think it was possible that such a change could happen in such a short time but Vicky assured me that if we were consistent and kept to the schedule things would change and they did. The information we received from Vicky was very clear and we didn't need to meet, just an initial telephone chat and phone support throughout the 10 days, which I found really supportive, was enough. I cannot recommend Vicky highly enough, she has really helped our family and I can now enjoy my twins rather than feeling continuously sleep deprived.

Naureem - Birmingham - 3 month old girl

Me and my husband wanted to say thank you, you have been such a great help to our family especially as new parents. Your support throughout the programme was brilliant and you were always on hand to answer my questions and support me and my husband through the big change we made for our baby. Our baby now sleeps and is getting the sleep she needs for her age, before we came across you we were told by friends/family, ‘oh don’t let her sleep in the day, she won’t sleep at night’ this was further from the true and resulted in a very fussy/ cranky baby and we dreaded the evening/nights.You’ve given us our evenings back where my baby now goes to sleep at seven rather than midnight and wakes up at seven/ eight with one feed whereas before she was waking up for 2-3 times a night or cluster feeding after one sleep cycle. You have taught us how important sleep is for our baby and how to achieve it but at the same time being there for our baby. My baby is very happy now and settles very quickly for her naps and actually naps!!Furthermore your follow on tool kit has set us up for the next few years and me and my husband are extremely grateful. Thank you very much

Sunny - 7 year old boy

We contacted Vicky as our 7 year old was having trouble sleeping on his own through the whole night. I am sooo glad that we found her as she has really helped us re-start a healthy bedtime routine. My son now sleeps in his own room and in his own bed after Vicky’s two week plan. Really wished I had contacted her earlier as she was with us every step of the way, with no judgement at all. Best investment I have made for my son and my family. Thank you Vicky xx

Imogen - London - 16 month old girl

Vicky is really approachable and very sympathetic. She listens carefully to your baby's sleep issues and gives sensible hypotheses about what might be causing them. We found her suggested routine very easy to implement and within a few days our 16 month old had transitioned from two 'bitty' sleeps in the day to one nice long lunchtime sleep and was sleeping through the night. It was really helpful to have Vicky on hand while we were going through the process and we felt very supported by her expert and non-judgemental advice

Camille - London - 5.5 month old boy

Prior to working with Vicky, our son really struggled with sleep. At 5.5 months he would only fall asleep if rocked or fed and would wake every hour if not multiple times an hour at night, with his best stretch being 2 hours max if he was in our bed. Naps were also very tricky with lengths of 20mins - 45mins whilst being cuddled or out in a carrier. After working with Vicky our baby now sleeps through the night and manages long naps in his cot. He no longer needs our assistance to get to sleep and is a much happier baby for it. Vicky was incredibly supportive from the get go - her understanding for what we were going through was reassuring and her steps to help us crystal clear. She was always available for quick questions and assistance when we were having tricky moments. Working with Vicky has been such an amazing experience and has changed our lives! We have a very happy baby who can sleep independently and two parents who can finally get some sleep.

Shona - Manchester - 3 year old girl and 1 year old boy

Vicky is fantastic. Her support with both of my children was incredible, we all went from exhausted and grumpy to a happy family full or energy in a matter of days with her advice. And we have never looked back. I was getting up 3-4 times every night on a good day while trying to work full time, now they both sleep 7-7 every night. You don’t realise how tired you are until you get a good night’s sleep.

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